BIM Workflow


“Performing a check based on the required information in BIM”

In the “CHECKLIST PHASE”, you send the Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Building Information Models – preferably in Revit – to Orange Button International B.V. In this phase, we perform a check based on the present information in your BIM and process the missing information in a clear CHECKLIST. This CHECKLIST is based on the playing rules of our INFOGRAPHIC. Subsequently, you send this CHECKLIST to the General Contractor and MEP (sub)contractor(s) and further discuss the BIM design workflow by providing a project specific presentation. It is important to process the missing information in BIM – as indicated by our CHECKLIST – to ensure an optimal functionality of the ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software. The responsibility of processing the correct and complete information in BIM lies with the designing parties.


“Determining design and construction costs”

In the “QUOTATION PHASE”, we send you a quotation for BIM firestop design. Furthermore, you receive an IFC file and an excel file with a detailed list of all unique “clashes” in BIM with approved firestop solutions. Every unique “clash” represents an unique installation penetrating a fire-separating element. The total amount of “clashes” – specified as unique 3D logos in BIM – is directly related to the total cost of BIM firestop design.


“More than just a push of a ORANGE BUTTON®”

In the “ENGINEERING PHASE”, all “clashes” – specified as unique 3D logos in BIM – are converted into BIM firestop solutions, using our in-house ORANGE BUTTON® BIM software. In this phase, it is also possible to generate the BIM firestop design in several different phases by using the “SCOPE BOX” feature in Autodesk Revit. We further subdivided our “ENGINEERING PHASE” into an “ADVICE & REMARK PHASE” and a “MODIFY PHASE”.

In the “ADVICE & REMARK PHASE”, we check the optimized BIM firestop design that our ORANGE BUTTON® software automatically generated. Remarks are processed manually, when – for example – a particular fire damper type is designed in a particular wall in BIM, that is insufficiently thick or incorrectly assembled and therefore can’t be sealed with a certified firestop.

In the “MODIFY PHASE”, the General Contractor and MEP (sub)contractor(s) get the chance to deliberate and – in due time – change and process the remarks as derived from the previous “ADVICE & REMARK PHASE”.


“Producing final solutions in BIM”

In the “SOLUTIONS PHASE”, we finalize the BIM firestop design using our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM software. All final firestop solutions and integrated advices are sent in .IFC and .RVT files. These final firestop solutions and files can be sent completely, per construction phase or per separate grids. This is completely dependent on the design and engineering process of our client. Just like the phased completion of a project on construction site, we are also able to digitally complete a project in different phases by using our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software!

Are you currently working on a BIM project and would you like to receive some additional information about the possibility of the phased digital completion of BIM firestop design? Then, do not hesitate to contact us!