Orange Button International B.V. develops BIM libraries with smart firestop solutions. All firestop solutions are intelligently designed and come – by default – with integrated advices. These advices include an advice on the first installation support system, the drywall assembly and the aperture size. The integration of these advices in our BIM firestop families enable you to deliver higher quality firestop at a lower price.


The core of our organization is our INTERNATIONAL BIM CENTER where the Structural, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical models are brought together. In our innovative INTERNATIONAL BIM CENTER, smart software products and services are developed that contribute to the overall improvement of quality and safety of a building through passive fire protection. One of these smart software solutions is our very own in-house BIM application named ORANGE BUTTON®, which allows firestop solutions to be designed and processed automatically in BIM.


A certified firestop is only feasible if all cohesive elements of drywall assembly, installation support system and aperture size are executed in accordance with the specifications of the test report of the firestop. If one or more elements – in practice – don’t exactly match these specified conditions, then it is impossible to speak of a certified installed firestop.

During the design and engineering, we ensure that all cohesive elements are aligned in accordance. However, this can only be achieved if we are involved in an early stage of the preliminary design phase.


The BIM Firestop Engineering Report is one of the smart applications developed in our INTERNATIONAL BIM CENTER. In our INTERNATIONAL BIM CENTER, we are able to generate real project-specific BIM Firestop Engineering Reports using the data and information from your BIM project. This unique digital BIM firestop report is solely based on the firestop solutions that are automatically designed and processed by our ORANGE BUTTON® software in BIM. This digital BIM firestop report consists of realistic images of penetration seals with detailed product descriptions and 2D drawings with unique penetration seal codes.


With ORANGE BUTTON®, firestop design can be processed in BIM with a push of a button. Every individual firestop design in BIM is allocated to a corresponding penetration seal code and an unique number in BIM. We like clarity and simplicity throughout the whole BIM design process. That’s why we directly export 2D drawings from your BIM project with detailed information specifications of all firestop design. On these exported 2D drawings, all firestop design with corresponding penetration seal codes and unique numbers are clearly displayed. Your firestop specialists take these drawings to the project site and thus know – beforehand – which firestop needs to be installed, simply by looking at the instructions on the drawings. Nifty Right?