Cookie policy

Version: May 2018
(We change our cookie policy regularly. Therefore, pay attention to the version date.)
Our cookie policy applies to the website: Brand Compact Fire Prevention B.V.

We are happy to explain:

  • What cookies are
  • Why we use them
  • Which cookies we use
  • How you can disable or delete cookies

What are cookies?
We use cookies on the website of Compact Brand Prevention B.V. . We place these temporary mini-files on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and read them when you use our website. With JavaScript we make websites interactive.

When you first visit the website, we will ask you whether you accept cookies via a pop-up message. A cookie is linked to a browser and not to a person. As a result, you will receive the cookie notification again if you use a different browser or device, such as a tablet or telephone.

Why we use cookies
Cookies make our website user-friendly. You do not have to enter or download the same information each time you return. With the insight that cookies give us about visitor behavior, we improve our website. To be even more customer-friendly, we also use them for marketing purposes and social media.

Which cookies do we use?
Functional (technical) cookies
These cookies remember your user preferences and ensure that the website works properly. You do not have to enter data again when the page reloads. We may use these functional cookies without your permission. We place them by default and they will not be deleted if you do not accept the cookies.

Cookie notification
We use a special cookie for our cookie notification. It remembers whether or not you have closed the cookie report. We cannot permanently close the message without this cookie. We delete this cookie after one year and we do not share the information with third parties.

Analyzing cookies
We are constantly improving our website. This is only possible with the help of our website visitors. That is why we use analytical cookies. With this information we adjust the website for optimum user convenience.

Google Analytics
We use cookies from Google Analytics to know who visits our websites and how. In an agreement with Google, we made agreements about how to handle the collected data. For example, we do not allow Google to share your data or use it for other Google services. We anonymize IP addresses. Google removes the cookies after a maximum of two years. We may use these Google Analytics cookies without your permission. You recognize them as utma, utmb, utmc, utmv and utmz. Read more in the Google Privacy Statement.

Marketing Cookies
With the help of cookies for marketing purposes we offer you information and offers that match your wishes.

Social media cookies
With buttons you can easily share information or products from our website on social media. To make these buttons work, we use social media cookies. For example from Facebook or Twitter. Social media recognize you when you want to share content from our website.

Disable or delete cookies
Delete or disable our cookies and JavaScript at any time. It may happen that our website does not function optimally thereafter. We have listed per browser how you disable or delete our cookies: