ORANGE BUTTON® is developed to serve the international construction industry. Are you a firestop manufacturer or a firestop specialist and market leader in your own country? And would you like to know more about the possibilities of reprogramming our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software to your own firestop systems and regulations? Then please contact us for more information!


OpenBIM IFC is a file format used in the construction industry. The ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design is – by default – exported from Revit to OpenBIM IFC. In case Revit files are not available in BIM, it is now also possible to use our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software by simply sending us the IFC files.


By means of our in-house ORANGE BUTTON® software, BIM firestop design is processed automatically with the push of a button. Our work processes and planning are automated through programming, resulting in higher quality and lower costs of fire-stopping and a reduction of material usage.


A certified firestop is only feasible with a correct drywall assembly and a correct installation support system. These integrated advices are – by default – processed in the firestop solutions that our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM software automatically generates.


ORANGE BUTTON® specifies the dimensions of the openings that allow services to pass through the fire-separating elements. These apertures are designed and processed in accordance with the most cost efficient and certified penetration seals in BIM. This way, you can reduce total costs of fire-stopping on your BIM project by at least 30%!


We strive to design the most cost efficient, certified firestop solutions with our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software. These firestop solutions are designed with an – by default – integrated aperture advice, that ensures an optimal material consumption. Thus, suboptimal dimensions of installation openings and excessive material usage belong to the past, with the help of our in-house BIM firestop design software!


A certified firestop in fire-separating elements is only feasible with an approved aperture size. An installation opening that is too big or too small can result in an expensive penetration seal that – moreover – can’t be installed according to the specifications of the firestop test report. An aperture advice is – by default – integrated in the BIM firestop design output of our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM software.


A correct wall and floor assembly is important to enable the fitting of a certified firestop. Special attention is required for the assembly of fire rated drywalls with an installation opening! Often, additional measures have to be taken to ensure the fire resistance period (FRP) of these fire rated partition walls. These measures – which are often forgotten in practice – are – by default – integrated in the ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software.


It is important to support an installation – penetrating a fire rated partition wall or floor – with an installation support system if this is specified in the corresponding test report of the installed firestop. Our ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software generates – by default – an advice on the installation support system.


Firestop systems are often damaged throughout the lifespan of a building due to modifications and changes to services penetrating fire rated partition walls and floors. To guarantee the fire resistance period of these fire-separating elements – in the long-run – it is necessary to repair the damaged firestop systems and seal all new openings, joints and imperfections of fit. By means of ORANGE BUTTON®, we are able to advise and design smart BIM firestop solutions that will reduce maintenance work and costs to a minimum.


The exchange of information in an unambiguous way has a lot of benefits for the construction sector. In this way, we all speak the same language and information can be reused and guaranteed in an effective and efficient manner. One of these basic agreements is to allocate objects, when applicable, with the property FireRating. The allocation of FireRating in partition walls and floors is one of the basic agreements on which the ORANGE BUTTON® BIM firestop design software is developed. See the link below for more information about the BIM Basic IDM.

BIM basis IDM (English, v1.0)


is creating an entirely new approach in firestop design, which is affordable and scalable.